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NEW READERS: Welcome to the Ask Dr. Eldritch Webcomic! For those of you who don't know of Dr. Eldritch, he's the world's foremost advice columnist for the strange and unusual. He answers questions from superheroes, arch-villains, mythical creatures, master spies and ordinary people in extraordinary situations. With that in mind, our story begins now...
Ask Dr. Eldritch Web Comic

Monday, September 5, 2005

Long-time readers of the advice column, particularly those who subscribed to the free newsletter, will recognize familiar characters. You'll also meet new ones as the stories advance! Also, watch for Easter Eggs tucked in and around the main action. Not every comic will have them, but in Dr. Eldritch's world, all is not as it seems!

Whether you're already a fan or here for the first time, I hope you enjoy this webcomic!

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