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  #033 - Denouement, Part II              
Ask Dr. Eldritch Web Comic

Friday, November 18, 2005

TODAY'S NEWS: Don't worry! Ask Dr. Eldritch isn't over, we're just wrapping up the first storyline. There will be much more humorous goodness to come!

Have you been wishing you could spend more time thinking about Ask Dr. Eldritch? Voting every day is fun, but it only takes a few seconds, then you have to go back to work or try to find something else interesting on the Internet. Well, now you can transcribe Ask Dr. Eldritch comics, to help make the comic text searchable by!

When you go back through previous comics, either with the PREV/NEXT buttons, or the Comic Archive page, you'll see a button that reads "Transcribe This Comic" under the Vote buttons for some of the comics. Click it, and you'll be given a window to enter the text for that comic, and when done, send it off for editorial review. If you include your name and email address, I'll send a note when the transcription is accepted. The "Transcribe" button disappears when a comic has been completed, so if you have a favorite you want to transcribe, don't wait!

Thanks to the Loyal Reader who told us about!

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