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Dear Editor,
When a superhero, evil genius, or mythical creature needs advice, to whom would they write? There's only one answer: Dr. Eldritch! A mysterious figure who lives in the twilight realm between fantasy and reality, Dr. Eldritch has been answering extraordinary queries on the Internet since 2003 at AskDrEldritch.com, and Are Aliens Eating My Crackers? is the first collection of those columns.

Writing for anyone who has ever yelled instructions at a movie screen, Dr. Eldritch allows the reader to vicariously slap some sense into those characters who descend unarmed into a murky basement to search for a serial killer. His responses to letters are insightful and often sarcastic, but always filled with advice for those who are threatened by the unusual or supernatural:

"Let's see, you think a highly-advanced alien race has overcome the tremendous scientific and technical challenges in developing interstellar travel, and is using the vast resources this represents to risk hurtling through billions of miles of cold, lonely space to... eat your crackers?"

Drawing from action, adventure, horror, espionage, and comedy, "Ask Dr. Eldritch" comments on the conventions and clichés of genre fiction. Some of the situations addressed by Dr. Eldritch are:

  • A gruff federal agent wants to rid himself of his sensitive, sandal-wearing, New-Age partner.
  • A college senior's mischievous imaginary childhood friend returns fifteen years later, but this time he's real.
  • A farmboy suspects his sweetheart is a werewolf.
  • An ancient Sumerian god wants to know how to get modern followers.
  • A spy resents a certain foreign agent who always gets the glamorous assignments, best spy toys and all the beautiful women.
This book is targeted to all readers who enjoy a satirical take on genre fiction, and it comes with a ready-made market in the hundreds of subscribers who read these columns as an email newsletter, as well as the thousands of webcomic fans that visit the AskDrEldritch.com website daily. As a humorous-fantasy writer with experience in theater, corporate training, and exhibiting my webcomic at conventions, I'm comfortable promoting my work on broadcast media or before a live audience. Over the past five years, I've written 140 columns, totaling over 100,000 words, giving the potential for subsequent volumes in a series.

I hope you find the idea of publishing the collected letters of "Ask Dr. Eldritch" appealing. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Evan M. Nichols