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Note that the descriptions below don't always include all of the dialog or captions, but should provide enough for you to draw the comic:

1. Bumper-to-bumpter commuter traffic, going by fancy apartment building with billboard that reads "If you had a Time Machine, you'd be home yesterday."

2. A superhero called "Captain Agreeable" being threatened by some Bad Guy thugs.

3. A bunch of goofy-looking people with blank protest signs, with one of the group being interviewed by a reporter.

4. A church for pets.

5. An airplane smashing into a rainbow.

See Official Rules for additional details.

The Rest of the Information:

Have you ever wanted to draw single-panel comics, but couldn't think of anything funny? Here's your chance!

If you have any degree of artistic talent, you can draw Vote Incentive comics. I'll provide the ideas, dialog and captions! Here's how it works:

  1. I'll post a list of comics to be drawn (see below).
  2. Pick one idea, draw the picture, and email it to me. Your artwork can be color or black & white. Style can range from stick figures to realistic, full-color paintings. (Photocomics are acceptable, but you must have rights to the photo images.) You don't even have to put in the words, I can do that.
  3. Once a comic has been done, I'll replace it on the list. Draw as many as you like!
  4. Unscramble this email address: contest @
  5. Send your image as an attachment (smaller than 1M, please) to the email address.
  6. Indicate in your email the name you want to appear for the "Artwork by" credit.
And that's it! You'll get artwork credit for the comic, too! So check out the ideas, sharpen your stylus and get drawing!

See Official Rules for additional details.

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